◆4th anniversary! ◆
The adventure of paying the darkness of the world will continue! !!
“Easy operation” to “play and relax”!
Thrill and adventure “exhilarating action” Royal Fantasy RPG!
That is “Brave Fantasia”!
◆ Story ◆◆◆◆
“Darkness” that attaches to everything and takes away the “light of life”
From this threat with the fairy “Sedona”
Embark on a journey of adventure to save the world!
Brefan is a mixture of “light” and “dark” things!
◆ Features ◆◆◆◆
Anyway, it should be “exhilarating!” and “comical!”
Even though it is easy to operate, this depth!
No troublesome communication required!
You can enjoy the game at the pace of adventurers.
● Tap, flick and flashy battles!
● Transcendental skills such as coalescing attacks! !!
-Each character is unique!
-Various actions of powerful bosses!
-There is no omission in the Zako Monster!
-A powerfully summoned beast!
● Simple but royal story
● Abundant and high quality background
-Combat BGM that heats up!
◆Fostering element◆◆◆◆
“Evolutionary synthesis” “Reinforcement synthesis” “Summon beast breeding” “Equipment creation” “Item creation” and more! Let’s make your own party with a simple and easy-to-understand training!
◆ Originality ◆◆◆◆
Equipped with a “leader change system” that allows you to change your “leader skill” during battle! Produce a simple but deep battle!
————————————————– –
[For customers with Android OS below 5.0]
With this version upgrade, the development environment will be updated, and the supported OS will be Android OS 5.0 or higher.
For more information, please see this page
————————————————– –
◆◆◆ Price ◆◆◆
App body: Free
*Some paid items are available.
1. Increase damage
2. Unlimited skills



Brave Fantasia v1.5.37 (Mod Apk) title=
Brave Fantasia v1.5.37 (Mod Apk) title=
Brave Fantasia v1.5.37 (Mod Apk) title=
Brave Fantasia v1.5.37 (Mod Apk) title=

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