“A boy gets a devil sword in a world called Makai”◆ ◆ Accumulated 2 million played [x] series latest work! ◆◆◆ ◇ Talk of a magical world with a magical sword girl ◇ ◆† RPG to get the courage to open the key †† Brave Sword × Blaze Soul †† “Blur × Blur” †Ancient weapons with the power to transform girls [Magic Sword]Fight using them. 【Magic sword use】 They.This is a story of “weapons” and “human” —
◆ ◇ Mysterious land 【Makai】◆ ◇ continuing for hundreds of years [Maou king war]◆ ◇ a huge stabbing in the earth 【key】◆ ◇ Why is it [the truth of the world] …
======================[Synopsis]Cow! Is that dream ….I wake up to a nightmare.I do not want to lose something important again.“Hey Master, how many times?”I will be thrust into a girl sitting next to me.“Is everyone misunderstandings of magical sword use?”
With a boy who uses a magical sword somewhere unreliable,A bright and energetic girl who follows him.
The two of them are on their way to search for “treasure”.In a certain ruin which came in by chanceI encounter another two people.
With a motivated newcomer brave boy,A girl with a magical sword of “unfeasible” that makes a curse.
The encounter of these four people,Later he shakes the Makai world, or the world itselfIt will be the beginning of a big battle,There is not anyone to know yet.
======================【Introducing the game】■ The possibilities are infinity! Let’s make the strongest troops!A supernatural magical sword with over 150 appearances appeared! With all the character voice !!In combination with the ability called Seoul the strength of the unit changes greatly! Of course it’s a combination that looks good! OK !!
■ Try courage !! Easy battle system!Automatic battle system that progresses automatically! Easy operation but profound strategy! Make ski with equipment change that judged the situation of the war and aim for it with a special move! One outright reversal !!!
■ “Burning × Moe” story!While it is fantastic and comical, it is a deep world setting with great balance! I was burning when I thought it was moe! Enjoy the story of various “courage” woven by attractive characters!
◆ □ ◆ □ ◆ □ ◆ Official Twitter ◆ □ ◆ □ ◆ □ ◆I am tweeting notice from the strategy, latest information, management. Do not forget to follow and check blurring and blurring information!Https://
■ KeywordsBlur × Brevle Brave Blade Swords Blaze Soul Grimoire Magical Sword

1. Menu (need storage+overlay Permission)
2. High DMG
3. High DEF

1.) enemy weak hp (deleted)
2.) enemy weak atk
Install Steps:
1.) uninstall original game, install mod, play
2.) give permissions for storage and draw menu/overlay
Game is in Japanese. Mods working everywhere, including boss fights. I killed the boss with 1 hit :tearsofjoy:
Love the voices in the game. Are Japanese really speaking like that?



Brave Sword x Blaze Soul v2.4.3 Моd Apk title=
Brave Sword x Blaze Soul v2.4.3 Моd Apk title=
Brave Sword x Blaze Soul v2.4.3 Моd Apk title=
Brave Sword x Blaze Soul v2.4.3 Моd Apk title=
Brave Sword x Blaze Soul v2.4.3 Моd Apk title=
Brave Sword x Blaze Soul v2.4.3 Моd Apk title=

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