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“Fight AI with AI”
A new generation digital card game app is born!
What is [Zenozade]
The AI ​​(artificial intelligence) developed by HEROZ Co., Ltd. “HEROZ Kishin” was developed by utilizing the know-how of machine learning such as deep learning cultivated with “Card game” battle specialized AI. A new generation that added new fun, such as “AI training” through play, “human-AI competition” and “human-AI joint struggle”, as well as fighting against CPUs and people patterned like this Digital card game.
[Game description]
●Authentic digital card game
Let’s develop a brain battle just like a real card game by combining more than 200 beautiful illustration cards (*) and three card game elements “Force” “Flash timing” “Mobile mana system”.
*At the time of release.
● Buddy AI “Codeman” with rich personality
AI “Codeman” that supports player battles and grows together. The character of Codeman changes variously depending on the level and playing, and when the intimacy increases, each story is lifted. Make a contract with one of the 16 unique buddy bodies.
Also pay attention to the gorgeous voice actors who serve as CV.
[Appearance voice actors (in alphabetical order)]
Sumire Uesaka Yuichiro Umehara Tomoyo Kurosawa Reiko Komatsu Rena Kondo Tomokazu Sugita Rie Takahashi Shinnosuke Tachibana Mutsune Tamura Kazuya Nakai Saori Hikasa Jun Fukuyama Keiji Fujiwara M.A.O Daiki Yamashita
●Buddy AI advice function
If you get lost in the next move during the battle, Buddy AI will give you advice according to the situation. In addition, when building a deck, the buddy AI will suggest better options from the endless possibilities, so even beginners of card games can play with confidence.
●Battle result analysis
Equipped with analysis/replay function of battle result by AI, and [IF battle] function to start battle again from the turn that became the turning point of the game based on the battle situation graphed. Rebuild your strategy and improve your play.
●Various battle systems
[Ranked match]
The player adopts the [Cross Battle] rule that fights the opponent’s buddy AI and the opponent fights the player’s buddy AI. Collect [Elements] (victory points) for each player and buddy AI and aim for the top of the rank match.
[Friend Match]
Battle with registered friends anytime!
Select [Cross Battle] to fight your friend’s buddy AI or [Player Battle] to fight with your friends.
[AI training]
It also has a training mode where you can battle with Buddy AI and improve your playing skills.
●Challenge every day against a card game specialized AI
Six [official AI] specialized in card games appear every day. Let’s test your ability trained in ranked matches and friend matches.
In addition, at events held each season, might you be able to win the right to challenge the strongest AI [Strao Zanakuron] that has a brain that surpasses [Official AI]?
● Story draft/world view setting
The key to the game is a solid story born from the story draft and worldview setting by Kohei Ueno, a famous novelist such as “Boogie Pop does not laugh.”
In the near future, highly developed AI will have an impact throughout the world. The giant company [Biholder Group], which researches and develops AI around the world, gathers [codemen] from all over the world to form a team with humans, and decides its peak under a common rule [The・Zenon] is planned to be held. It was [Zennonzad] that was adopted as the unified rule.
[App overview]
Genre: AI x Digital Card Battle
Price: Free download and basic play (with in-app purchase)
JASRAC license number: 9009667064Y43031
This application is distributed with the formal permission of the right holder.
■ [Zennonzad] Official Website
■[Zenon Zard] Official Twitter
■ [Zenon Zard] Official LINE account
1. Auto-Play
– Always the best tactics!
– God-Mode (this Bot/Mod will never loose, it always chooses the best tactics to win!)
Note: If your cards sucks, they suck. There must be minimum 10% chance to win to make it possible for the bot.



ZENONZARD v4.3.1 (Mod Apk) title=
ZENONZARD v4.3.1 (Mod Apk) title=
ZENONZARD v4.3.1 (Mod Apk) title=
ZENONZARD v4.3.1 (Mod Apk) title=
ZENONZARD v4.3.1 (Mod Apk) title=
ZENONZARD v4.3.1 (Mod Apk) title=

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